Student Magazine Title Area Date
Open Source for You Zsh: The Ultimate Alternative to Bash Shells Nov. 1, 2014
Open Source for You Analyse Packet Capture to Protect Your Network PCAP Analysis July 1, 2014
OPen Source for You Try your Hands at Owncloud Development Cloud computing Nov. 1, 2014
Open Source for You Tornado:A python web framework, That's simple and quick Web Development Oct. 1, 2014
Tony Thomas Open Source For You Why we need to handle our E-mail bounces Asia Sept. 1, 2014
OpenSourceForYou Group Micro-blogging using Wordpress Wordpress April 5, 2012
Anu Vazhayil Open Source for You The Benefits of Rust and How it Scores Over C System Programming language March 1, 2015
Open Sourcce For You MariaDB The MySQL Fork that Google has Adopted Database Aug. 26, 2014
Open Source For You Building Web Applications Using the Python Flask Microframework Web Development Oct. 1, 2014
Open Source for You Preventing Buffer Overflow Attacks using GDB Computer Security April 10, 2013
Robert Bosch Student conference, Bangalore. RNET : Empowering Rural India using Cloud technology Cloud Computing Dec. 17, 2011
Open Source For You How to Tackle Threats to Cloud Security Cloud Security Jan. 1, 2015
Open Source for You Protect your eyes with Redshift General Application July 1, 2015
Open Source for You Develop Your First Firefox OS App Mobile Application Aug. 1, 2015 Introducing AngularJS Web development Sept. 1, 2014
Open Source for You Android Studio: A Platform for Android Development Android Development Sept. 27, 2015
Linux For You Cachin Django Websites with Memcached Cachin March 1, 2014
Open Source for You Bootloader-GRUB Operating Systems Aug. 1, 2015
Open Source for You Pros and cons of Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Nov. 1, 2015
Open Source for You Sugar A Platform on which Kids Enjoy Learning Learning platform June 1, 2015
Open Source For You Introduction to mercurial Version control system March 26, 2016
Open Source For You Abot: An Open Source Tool to Create your own Digital Assistant! Artificial Intelligence June 1, 2016
OSFY Work with Flow to debug your program Technology Jan. 8, 2016
Akshay Cv Open Source For You setting up django on windows Technology Nov. 1, 2016
Aniketh Girish Open Source For You. Apache and PHP on windows Tutorial Oct. 25, 2016