Student Bug id Url to the bug Organization Bug description
Tony Thomas 48640 Mediawiki Un-subscribe frequently failing recipients
Tony Thomas 48641 Mediawiki Added BounceHandler extension to group0 wikis
Tony Thomas 186938 Mediawiki Made the deployment-mx talk back to deployment wiki on receiving a bounce
Tony Thomas 185634 Mediawiki AbuseFilter requires the AntiSpoof extension
Tony Thomas 187905 Mediawiki Set $domain part override for emails from beta
139 OWASP OWTF To integrate a new tool named "Panoptic" to OWTF framework.
169 OWASP OWTF To add OWASP Dependency check to OWTF framework.
1 OWASP OWTF Added to manage vulnexp.db
2 OWASP OWTF Added NIST mapping.
3 OWASP OWTF Removed framework/scripts and added files to rootdir/scripts
4 OWASP OWTF [db]Adding Mapping_manager which creates mapping db while owtf launches
5 OWASP OWTF Scripts for creating Plugin Mapping and vulnerability explanations !
6 OWASP OWTF Added Mapping & vulnerability explanation database definitions
7 OWASP OWTF Created the Passive online scanner
8 OWASP OWTF Changing the GET request URL structure to remove logging by the server
9 OWASP OWTF Fixed the Dom based XSS issue
68126 Mediawiki Added title text for Beta in personal tools"Beta" should have a title text on the link,like other items when hovered upon.
Anu Vazhayil 934274 Mozilla Firefox Edited the text in invalidLaunchPath and changed the variable name in all the files containing the same.
Anu Vazhayil 940838 Mozilla Firefox Clicking tab does not switch tab after popup Nav-Bar-overflow panel.
Anu Vazhayil 1!topic/opw-kernel/DSSf5s5A5ek Linux Kernel Missing blank line warning
Anu Vazhayil 2!topic/opw-kernel/_NnpdOR_Sxk Linux Kernel Global variable initialise error
Anu Vazhayil 3!topic/opw-kernel/4d6KHRu2o3U Linux Kernel Fixed warning
Anu Vazhayil 4!topic/opw-kernel/hxe9l2x4pKo Linux Kernel Correcting function declaration format
2065917 Drupal SelectQueryExtender::hasAnyTag uses hasAnyTags which doesn't exist
2064667 Drupal PHP Filter has a broken link to "Example PHP snippets" within help
934177 Mozilla [App manager] Some strings are missing - Firefox Browser
414071 Mozilla Firefox Lets the escape key close crash reporter dialog box
961036 Mozilla Firefox Let escape key close DOM inspector dialog box
957072 Mozilla Firefox Add Pretty Print to Scratchpad Menu
485499 Mozilla Firefox Unwanted Margin in Edit Bookmarks panel offsets Button and Title 1px to the right
740522 GNOME - CHEESE Cheese crashes after one take
740523 GNOME - CHEESE Unable to open saved picture from Cheese
Tony Thomas 202678 Mediawiki Removed unused variable $time from OAuthListConsumers
Tony Thomas 201731 Mediawiki Add more tests to variables and remove undefined index issue
Tony Thomas 100 Mediawiki Installer should say "Your username" instead of "Your Name" to be consistent with MW login UI
Tony Thomas 101 Mediawiki Made the revision history deletion page's radio buttons less confusing
Tony Thomas 102 Mediawiki Removed "Disable search suggestions" user preference from MediaWiki core
Tony Thomas 103 Mediawiki Removed "Disable browser page caching" user preference from MediaWiki core
Tony Thomas 104 Mediawiki Fixed Errors in Mediawiki release notes ver. 1.22 (stable)
Tony Thomas 105 Mediawiki Reworded the sign up Wrong CAPTCHA error message
Tony Thomas 106 Mediawiki Resized text area size in ReplaceText Extension
Tony Thomas 107 Mediawiki Remove deprecated constant from parser
Tony Thomas 108 Mediawiki Removed version check for MSYQL in maintenance scripts
Tony Thomas 109 Mediawiki Fixed leading semicolon line-bolding not carried over in printable version
Tony Thomas 110 Mediawiki Removed visibility status of "Notes" section in Abuse Filter plugin
Tony Thomas 111 Mediawiki Removed the "details" link if the user is already in details page Courtesy: Sakshi Bansal
Tony Thomas 112 Acawiki -BibTeximport Fixed incorrect resource link in the BibTeximport special pages
Tony Thomas 113 Mediawiki Used [[MediaWiki:Parentheses]] instead of hardcoded parentheses
Tony Thomas 114 Mediawiki Fix depreciation warnings in FileBackend construction for EasyTimeline
Tony Thomas 115 Mediawiki Fix depreciation warnings in FileBackend construction for ConfirmEdit
Tony Thomas 116 Mediawiki Change 2>&1 in doTransform to use wfShellExecWithStderr instead
Tony Thomas 117 Mediawiki Added timedmedia-wav message
Tony Thomas 118 Mediawiki Changed Mp4Handler class call from wfMsgto wfMessage
Tony Thomas 119 Mediawiki Increase the number of rows in AbuseFilter's notes text area
Tony Thomas 121 Mediawiki Changed "login" to "log in" where it is used as a verb
Tony Thomas 122 Mediawiki Removed version check for mysql 4.1.0 from SqlBahOStuff::createTables
Tony Thomas 123 Mediawiki Removed "Justify paragraphs" from MW user Preference.
Tony Thomas 124 Mediawiki Show result of check if Username == Password on same page instead of page after
Tony Thomas 125 Mediawiki Fixed z-index on popup
Tony Thomas 126 Mediawiki Jenkins unit tests for ParserFunctions should set $wgPFEnableStringFunctions = true;
Tony Thomas 127 Mediawiki Clicking on the backdrop of Lightbox extension should close the interface
Tony Thomas 130 Mediawiki Use javascript:void() as href for CharInsert
Tony Thomas 131 Mediawiki Add highlighting after clicking "Drag to new location" button
Tony Thomas 132 Mediawiki Deprecate window.$j
Tony Thomas 133 Mediawiki Split 'date' and 'time' from rclistfrom
Tony Thomas 134 Mediawiki Special:DispatchStats should adjust times to user's time zone
Tony Thomas 135 Wikimedia Bugzilla Remove useless [% PROCESS global/variables.none.tmpl %] from Bugzilla
Tony Thomas 137 Wikimedia Bugzilla Update Mingle URL in "See Also" field extension
Tony Thomas 138 Mediawiki Added username as parameter to MediaWiki:Comments-reply-to
Tony Thomas 139 Mediawiki Installer says wrong message when DB username is not given during install
Tony Thomas 140 Mediawiki Moved "Date format" user preference to "Appearance" tab
Tony Thomas 141 Mediawiki Moved EducationProgram preferences to Appearance tab
Tony Thomas 142 Mediawiki Remove "Remember my login"-option from the preferences
Tony Thomas 144 Wikimedia Bugzilla Cleanup Works
Tony Thomas 145 Mediawiki Added new Extension to handle email bounces - BounceHandler
Tony Thomas 146 Mediawiki Added new Extension to provide an alternate mailer for conventional mailer - SwiftMailer
Tony Thomas 147 Mediawiki Removed exim errors_to to support custom Return-Path
Tony Thomas 148 Mediawiki Added VERP functionality hook to core
Tony Thomas 149 Mediawiki Added missing message centralauth-rename-table-failed.
Tony Thomas 150 Mediawiki Made the deployment mx talk back to mediawiki-verp labs host
Tony Thomas 151 Mediawiki Added the beta hostname to local_domains to make exim use mw_verp_api
Tony Thomas 152 Mediawiki Improved the bounce limit comparison check from '>' to '>='
Tony Thomas 153 Mediawiki Made the Wikimedia beta clusters use deployment-mx for outgoing mail delivery
Tony Thomas 154 Mediawiki Various performance fixes for the BounceHandler extension
Tony Thomas 155 Mediawiki Rename br_user column to br_user_email and update comments in BounceHandler extension
Tony Thomas 156 Mediawiki Fix inconsistent returns in BounceHandler extension internal functions
Tony Thomas 157 Mediawiki Fixed DB timestamp range query in BounceHandler extension
Tony Thomas 158 Mediawiki Remove unused variable $bouncedUserId in BounceHandler extension
Tony Thomas 159 Mediawiki Marked the BounceHandler API as internal
Tony Thomas 160 Mediawiki Create table index for 'bounce_records' table
Tony Thomas 162 Mediawiki Added the Plancake e-mail parser library to MediaWiki using Composer
Tony Thomas 163 Mediawiki Route bounce job to the proper wiki queues
Tony Thomas 164 Mediawiki Removed Wikimedia specific configuratoins from BounceHandler extension
Tony Thomas 165 Mediawiki Made the VERP address generation optional in BounceHandler extension
Tony Thomas 166 Mediawiki Deploy BounceHandler extension on test2wiki ( prodcution )
Tony Thomas 167 Mediawiki Use the right DB in getOriginalEmail() instead of the sharedDb in BounceHandler extension
Tony Thomas 168 Mediawiki Fixed wfGetLb reuseConnection() statement
Tony Thomas 169 Mediawiki Fix incorrect beta MX hostname
Tony Thomas 170 Mediawiki Re-added the index br_mail_timestamp
Tony Thomas 171 Mediawiki Prune old bounce records
Tony Thomas 172 Mediawiki MySQLPageGenerator fall back to .my.cnf if config.db_hostname etc are not set
100 Bugzilla Changed the login error message .
103 Mediawiki Extensions Added CSS to existing selector: preserve whitespace in review mode
108!topicsearchin/opw-kernel/authorname$3A%22Tina$20Johnson%22/opw-kernel/Pda8IsswVBk Linux Kernel Merged assignment with immediately following return statement
109!topicsearchin/opw-kernel/authorname$3A%22Tina$20Johnson%22/opw-kernel/_wCux2n6gbU Linux Kernel Removed useless variable
110!topicsearchin/opw-kernel/authorname$3A%22Tina$20Johnson%22/opw-kernel/p3sP1wzUDTo Linux Kernel Removed unnecessary variable to simplify return variable handling
111!topic/opw-kernel/NbmagH3bNtk Linux Kernel Fix checkpatch warning: Missing blank line
112 Linux Kernel fix coding style issues
113!topic/opw-kernel/U1Qw1pxiq8A Linux Kernel Replace GOTO macro with necessary code
114!topic/opw-kernel/h7XRKvQou6U Linux Kernel Fixed warnings
115 Linux Kernel fix whitespace errors
116!topicsearchin/opw-kernel/authorname$3A"Tina$20Johnson"/opw-kernel/uzfU9LKZ2zg Linux Kernel Staging: rts5208: Removed unnecessary parentheses
117!topicsearchin/opw-kernel/authorname$3A"Tina$20Johnson"/opw-kernel/4PT15tL5XNw Linux Kernel Staging: lustre: Fix line over 80 characters warning
118!topicsearchin/opw-kernel/authorname$3A"Tina$20Johnson"/opw-kernel/yl9hpWOSX28 Linux Kernel Fix checkpatch errors
119!topicsearchin/opw-kernel/authorname$3A"Tina$20Johnson"/opw-kernel/FuTlhrFOJIk Linux Kernel Staging: comedi: drivers: Fix line over 80 characters warning
120!topicsearchin/opw-kernel/authorname$3A"Tina$20Johnson"/opw-kernel/fBVVz3ZiBVc Linux Kernel Staging: comedi: drivers: Fix checkpatch code indent error
121!topicsearchin/opw-kernel/authorname$3A"Tina$20Johnson"/opw-kernel/pdokwG38sW0 Linux Kernel Staging: octeon: Fix line over 80 characters warning
122!topicsearchin/opw-kernel/authorname$3A"Tina$20Johnson"/opw-kernel/wb6jJYMNw5M Linux Kernel Staging: lustre: Removed assignment in if condition
123 Linux Kernel Removed unnecessary parentheses
124 Linux Kernel Removed unnecessary parentheses
125 Linux Kernel Removed unnecessary parentheses
Tony Thomas 173 Mediawiki Removed hard coded punctuations from [[Special:oauthlistconsumers]]
Tony Thomas 174 Mediawiki Update 'notification-page-linked-email-subject' message
Tony Thomas 175 Mediawiki Fix Unreachable code in Echo hooks
Tony Thomas 176 Mediawiki Made Echo respect $wgEnableEmail = false;
Tony Thomas 177 Mediawiki Fix cassing of interface message abusefilter-topnav-log
Tony Thomas 178 Mediawiki Corrected typos in function name unpackMetaData and getMetaData
Tony Thomas 179 Mediawiki Removed unused variable $time from OAuthListConsumers
Tony Thomas 180 Mediawiki Add more tests to variables and remove undefined index issue
Tony Thomas 181 Mediawiki Install bouncehandler extension everywhere ( including wikipedias )
Tony Thomas 182 Mediawiki Removed repititive un-subscribe action on a global user
Tony Thomas 183 Mediawiki Added BounceHandler extension to group1 wikis
Tony Thomas 184 Mediawiki Un-subscribe frequently failing recipients
Tony Thomas 185 Mediawiki Minor correction in error logs
Tony Thomas 187 Mediawiki Special:CreateMassMessageList should check for "editcontentmodel" permission
Tony Thomas 188 Mediawiki Removed deperecated JsonContent::getJsonData() from MassMessage
Tony Thomas 189 Mediawiki Load the composer autoloader if it exists
Tony Thomas 190 Mediawiki Pass composer validate
Tony Thomas 191 Mediawiki Deploy BounceHandler in beta wiki
478482 Chromium Favicon issue. Chromium still shows the same favicon for http website even if the site contains favicon or not
51378 Mediawiki In SecurePasswords.php the global variable $wgSecurePasswordsSpecialChars is spelled $wgSecurePasswordSpecialChars.
2085 Netsurf In the Documentation/Getting code page the line underneath the sub headings are hiding part of the title, because the line is kept way too close to the title.
Tony Thomas 192 Mediawiki Trim leading blanks from servernames
Tony Thomas 193 Mediawiki Trim trailing dots in UploadWizard filename
440150 Mozilla Firefox Increased the hit target area of the pixels in the library window divider between the content list and bookmarks which was very thin in macintosh by doing something similar as in windows
10001!topic/opw-kernel/sGSBa25fTpY Linux Kernel fixed coding style issues
10002!topic/opw-kernel/IP91VKCzBI8 Linux Kernel fixed coding style issues
10003!topic/opw-kernel/Tkzw6ZJTOxM Linux Kernel fixed coding style issues
10004!topic/opw-kernel/Zmu20fh5LZU Linux Kernel fixed coding style issues
10005!topic/opw-kernel/016Z_L8w_nc Linux Kernel Removed errors
10006!topic/opw-kernel/ch-kkKVthkY Linux Kernel Removed errors
10007!topic/opw-kernel/-oOqQ4yaCSI Linux Kernel removed unnecessary return
10008!topic/opw-kernel/NkiuDzbwOFw Linux Kernel fixed warning
749825 Gnome Startup application doesn't have search option and ability to add a custom command
270629 Git Git log shows a bad head in a empty repo
Tony Thomas 194 Mediawiki Removed composer.json to get rid of the Plancake dependancy
Tony Thomas 195 Mediawiki Fix Undefined index: <N> in Collection.body.php
Tony Thomas 196 Mediawiki Removed PlancakeMailParser library completely from the extension
5 Linux Kernel Fixed warning
2538158 Drupal Clarify in which file hook_modules_installed should be implemented
1155402 Mozilla This is to change the prompt of loop (Firefox hello) in Chrome 44
1167892 Mozilla Switch to 1.1dppx for Windows HDPI implementation in devtools
1194961 Mozilla Remove obsolete border-radius rule for the location bar and search bar
2565671 Drupal Misspelling
2568673 Drupal Incorrect verification of the login.
2576431 Drupal Improvement in doc
188255 Mozilla element properties items misaligned
1158522 Mozilla JavaScript strict warning
Chirath R 1216941 Mozilla Remove outset class from custom notification bar bindings
1197313 Mozilla remove PR_snprintf calls in netwerk/
Tony Thomas 253172 Mediawiki Log the entire bounce email too before invalidating email
Tony Thomas 253174 Mediawiki Add Username to the Unsubscribe log message
1190961 Mozilla Change info-pages.css' placeholder icon to one that exists in toolkit
1085015 Mozilla valid e-mail address shown as invalid while sign-up for contribution
1158082 Mozilla Up to date release notes for Firefox OS
230290 Mediawiki Documentation : Changed the inconsistency of flow-compare-revisions-revision header
236020 Mediawiki Updating on how to enable extensions using wfLoadExtensions("extensionname")
238096 Mediawiki Adding Gender support to Emailuserfooter
Tony Thomas 261774 Mediawiki Add summary back to echo web notifications
1174313 Fedora Minor bug fix for procps tool in Fedora
72040 Mediawiki Fixes PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 1198 in ThreadPermalinkView.php
125350 MediaWiki Show error message when a special page is not found in Special:AdminLinks It used to fatal with a stacktrace. Error message is displayed including the special page name.
126731 MediaWiki Reword [[MediaWiki:Newsletter-notification-title]] to fix grammar issues
99533 MediaWiki Reword "passwordreset-emailsent"
108543 MediaWiki Add unicode support for wikitext preview in Special:SmiteSpam
106328 MediaWiki Edit ambiguous word
905118 WikiToLearn Added instances for downloading wikitolearn locally
1243435 Mozilla Remove unused prefs "toolkit.telemetry.prompted" / "toolkit.telemetry.notifiedOptOut" from test suites
1226178 Mozilla Fix deprecated octal literals warnings in Telemetry tests
1226552 Mozilla Fix the "raw ping data" string for about:telemetry
1184458 Mozilla TelemetryEnvironment needs to shut down properly
1197306 Mozilla remove PR_snprintf calls in ipc/
1090880 Mozilla Remove FUEL
1150 WikiToLearm Fix the "Logged from" popup position
2968 WikiToLearn Check when the user is both offline and in editing mode.
2969 WikiToLearn Given the task T2958 you should be able to fire another event: when the user is going to click on the preview tab. This is important because when the event occurs the offline parsing should start
2974 WikiToLearn When the user switch to the preview mode a simple preview will be shown. To do this, a simple parser that converts the basic wikitext markup to html is needed.
3045 WikiToLearn Wiky doesn't parse the <math> tag.So we need to parse both the inline <math> tag and the block <math display="block"> tag and change them to $ for inline and $$ for block
2618222 Drupal Enhancing the search configuration permissions.
2763341 Drupal Remove deprecated/underscore functions from and remove this file.
2763895 Drupal Work on Template conversion to twigs
2776233 Drupal Roles to be selected to see the fields are not found.
2778033 Drupal Search configuration module: Add proper form namespace
2776757 Drupal Search configuration module: Empty table in labels and string overrides
2778081 Drupal Empty list after Override the above option by selecting one or more roles that should see this field.
3240 WikiToLearn Using Wiky.js one should document on or on the repo project which wikitext tags are going to be supported.
3353 WikiToLearn MathJax should be included in order to make the math displayed when the html is rendered. A minimal version should be included inside (not the one with all the png fonts).
3354 WikiToLearn A procedure to test the extension needs to be defined. This includes: Update the README and specify how to install the extension Update the README and specify what is working and the known issues
313762 Wikimedia Add span tag around the old title line in the Special New Page.
9623374 The Linux Foundation Fixes a comment coding style warning by adding 2 blank lines.
Akshay Cv 1296182 Mozilla Minor bug fix for toolkit in Mozilla
105649 Mediawiki ChangeTags::buildTagFilterSelector was using wfMessage which results in use of global $wgTitle. It was also using a config variable as global. This has been changed
313764 Wikimedia Changed the browser warning message.
90 Melissa-Core Added a spelling action module
185 FossAsia Added IME options to enable users to login by clicking go button on keypad.
350 FossAsia Added support to use standard TTS voice with addition of Language preference inside of settings which on being clicked redirects to android TTS settings.
Aniketh Girish 354954 KDE Feature: Changed the older version of Keyboard shortcut to a newer one. As the older version was showing unambiguity.
Aniketh Girish 369377 KDE Removed unwanted clear button while having inline clear option.
Krishnan Iyer 5735 Moodle MDL-57354:There are different colours of button so as not to so as not to distract the user from the more important options. In the bug I just used an existed class for continue buttons.
Krishnan Iyer 57066 Moodle In the fix I have linked a CSS class in the theme rather than common for all themes.