Student Organization Project title Mentor Url
e-cidadania Re-purpose the proposals module Oscar Carballal
Tony Thomas The Wikimedia Foundation Add proper email bounce handling to MediaWiki (with VERP) Jeff Green, Legoktm
OWASP OWTF Flexible Mapping, Templating Engine and Passive Online Scanner Anant Shrivastava
Monkey HTTP Server Advanced Caching plugin for Monkey server Eduardo Silva
Tony Thomas The Wikimedia Foundation Mentor for NewsLetter extension for Mediawiki Tony Thomas, Quim Gil
Wikimedia Foundation Newsletter extension for Mediawiki Tony Thomas, Quim Gil
WikiToLearn (KDE) Enhancement and Offline Support for WikiToLearn Editor Gianluca Rigoletti and Irene Cortinovis
Tony Thomas Wikimedia Foundation Mentor for Implementing HTML Email for Mediawiki Mentoring with Tyler Romeo
Wikimedia Foundation List Of Contributors Addshore ,Samtar and Niharika
Drupal Port search configuration module to Drupal 8 Chandan Singh
KDE Port Kopete to KF5 Laurent Montel
KDE Plasma Public Transport Eike Hein and Mario Fux
OWASP Extending language support and adding OWASP Top 10 challenges to Container Engine antonis_man, Spyros
Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community Migrating Volunteer Management System to Class based views and Search Engine Implementation VMS Team
Xen Outreachy - Xen Code Review Dashboard Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona, Lars Kurth
Anu Vazhayil Freifunk Sharable Plugin System for – Mesh Network Communication App math
Wikiemdia Foundation Extension for page creating/editing notification Yaron Koren, tosfos
Fedora Anerist (changed to fedora docs) Zach Oglesby (
FOSSASIA Improve the Open Event Organizer Server and implement missing features Mario Behling
Fedora Project Improvements to CommOps Infrastructure Remy DecauseMaker